Download NetCut & Increase Your Internet Bandwidth To Surf Speedily & Safely

Most of us are office facing problem with browsing speed when some computer are connected to one network, most probably you may face these kind of problem in schools, and office computer lab and in home too. So I'm going to tell you the trick to increase bandwidth to surf speed in your computer with simple Software called Netcut.

This software Netcut always help you in your work area. The basic idea is when no of computers connected to one device for internet then the bandwidth falls down. By using Netcut you can increase bandwidth of your particular computer to surf fastly. When Netcut software cuts the one’s connection, it automatically increases the bandwidth of your computer. 

You can download this bandwidth stealing software named as NetCut from below:-
1: Download NetCut.
2: Extract the software and install it.
3: Now open NetCut software and a window will pop-out showing all the connected routers.
4:  Just toggle to the computer which you want to cut off like in the screenshot.
5: And that's it. Now you are free to eat up every last bit of bandwidth. Enjoy!

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