- Instant, One-Click, Brilliant, Real-Time File-Sharing Pipe, No Add-ons Required

Quick Pitch: makes it extremely simple to share your files.
Genius Idea: File sharing is a ubiquitous practice on the web, but startup has released a tool for one-click, browser-based file sharing. This company offers a solution that doesn’t require the user to install anything or even create an account. is as simple as it gets: Click the “Create share” button to select and upload files. has a few advantages over the myriad other file-sharing services, but its instant-sharing aspect is its killer feature. As soon as you click to upload your files, you’ll see a URL — there’s no upload wait time — to then post to Twitter or Facebook or send via e-mail. Your files are available in the browser immediately, which means recipients don’t have to wait to access and download your shared files, either. Should you create an account, you’ll then have access to all of your shared files and will be able to see live statistics on views and downloads.
Each file also supports a “view” option that allows anyone to look at all shared files, regardless of file type, in a browser without having to download files or worry about file extensions.
The startup is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and is currently entirely self-funded. Co-founder and CEO Tobias Baunbæk says the team launched its file-sharing product on November 1 and purposely decided to operate under the radar to gradually test its technology. That all changed last week when users shared on Reddit and Hacker News, leading to a glut of user interest and 5,000 signups — an impressive feat considering users do not need to create accounts to use the service.’s inadvertent success makes for a feel-good story, but it’s one that is still in its first chapter. Should users continue to flock to this simple file-sharing service, investors are likely to take notice. The startup is working to release paid accounts with premium features in early 2011, says Baunbæk. The more long-term goal is to release an API, something Baunbæk says is already in hot demand. is a clever, instant file-sharing webapp that makes sharing files simple and fast. You can share a link to your file(s) immediately, without waiting for the upload to complete, and it doesn't use Flash, Java applets, or any other plug-ins. couldn't be easier to use. You don't even need an account to use it (though you get extra benefits from registering). Visit, click the Select files button, choose one or more files you want to share (or you can simply drag and drop in supported browsers), and that's it. will begin uploading your files and instantly generate a unique URL for you to share.
You can share the link before the upload is finished—files will update on the download page in real-time, as they're uploaded, and the user on the other end can start downloading a file while you're still uploading it. In fact, you can also add files to the share after you've shared the link. Any new files you upload will automatically show up on their end without reloading the page.
If you're sharing large files, we still think Opera Unite is probably your best option, but for the rest of your quick file-sharing needs, looks like an excellent tool for the job.
The terms page doesn't offer a lot of details on file-size limits, but it looks like they're currently pretty light on limitations.


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