How to Send Large Files using FrostWire?

Precious moments spent with friends and family is recorded in tons of photographs and video clips tucked away in your computer folders but none have been shared. It is time you dig into them and use FrostWire to send those valuable mementos to your loved ones.
FrostWire does all work for you. It will create a torrent to give you several options in sharing your files or folders. FrostWire can easily share via social networks like Twitter or copy text and links to share through Facebook, chat, email, and many others. Here’s the way how to send a large folder or file via FrostWire:
  • Open FrostWire and select “File>Send File” or “File>Send Folder. A window will open where you can browse and choose the folder or file you like to transmit from your computer.
  • Choose the folder or file and tap Open. Or “drag and drop” the folder or file into the main window of FrostWire.
  • A dialog opens up, prompting you if you like to send the folder or file to a friend. Click Yes.
  • FrostWire creates the torrent of your folder or file and prompts you how you want it shared. (Note that you are not limited to one option. You can use all of them)
  • FrostWire automatically creates the text content to share your file, but you can alter this. Stick to the character limit if this file or folder is to be shared via Twitter. (FrostWire uses for URL shortening service)
  • Via Twitter. Hit “Twitter It “. Your browser will open If you have logged into Twitter, the FrostWire message will appear and then click Tweet to announce that your file or folder is available to share.
  • Via Facebook. Click the “Copy Text”. Then paste the message anywhere you like. To share via Facebook, log and paste the text in your wall as your status message.
  • Via Email.  If you want to email the link, press “copy link button”. Copy the version and paste it to your email message.
  • When the recipients open the link, FrostWire is checked by the browser if it is running on the computer. If verified, a window will open allowing recipients to download the file.
  • Via Magnet Link through chat or email. You can likewise use the magnet link to send via chat or email. A magnet link can be directly opened in FrostWire via “File>Open .Torrent or Magnet” from the menu.
When sharing files and folders with your family and friends, remember to keep FrostWire open until at one of your recipients has finished downloading the file. Encourage more people to share the file so that other people may access the file easier and quicker.


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