How To Send/Receive Large Size Files Over Internet: Share

Nowadays internet and computer users need to share files much more than they did a few years ago. And, also, the files sizes that need to be shared are bigger and bigger. A couple of weeks ago we have suggested you to use zeZebra when you need to transfer large files to another user. Even if this app has a very friendly interface it comes with a major drawback: the person which will receive the files you are sending will have to install the application,too. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to present you an application which eliminates this last drawback. The name of this latest application is very simple: Share, and it comes right from the creator of the famous torrent client: BitTorrent.


Share is a portable app which will provide you with the opportunity to share and receive all kind of large files: music, videos, pictures, archives, PDF files etc. This app is using a secured private network, so there is no need to worry about the fact that your files might be spotted by someone you don’t want. Also, you need to know that data connection is very fast, therefore the downloads of these files will not take very long. You need to introduce the email addresses of the people which will receive your files, in the interface of Share. If you send different files some people frequently, then you have the option to create and manage some groups within this application.

How Does Share Work?

You will be amazed how simple this application is working. You just have to install it and run it. It will go directly in your system tray and when you need to send a file to someone, just drag and drop it onto Share’s icon. Then you will be provided with a form in which you need to introduce your email address (so the recipient to know from whom it has received that file) and, obviously, the recipient’s email address. That’s because it will receive an email message in his/ her inbox, containing a link. By accessing that link, the recipient will be able to download the file which you have shared.
However, the recipient still has to sign up with this service. The link you have provided  in that e-mail will took him/ her through the steps that have to be followed in order to subscribe to this service and download the Share application. The main advantage here, is that the application does not require any installation. It is enough just to run the newly downloaded program.
There are also a few settings in the Share application which will make your work experience with this app very comfortable. Therefore, you can adjust the bandwidth that Share will use it while uploading the files you need to share and you are also provided with the possibility to create and manage recipient’s groups, as described in the above mentioned paragraphs. This is very helpful when you are regularly sending files to a group recipients.


Share is an excellent application which will let you quickly send large files (there is no limit in this regard). You will be amazed by the simplicity of the interface and of the sharing process itself, too. The app is free and works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.


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